Thursday, June 26, 2008

*UPDATE* Hit 'n Run


Before Steve and I parted ways, he asked for my contact info. He was going home and intending on filing a Police Report. I didn’t have a business card on me so I told him, “I work at the local NBC affiliate. My name is Jodi. If you can’t remember my name, ask for the chick that rides bikes – they’ll know who you’re talking about.”

Well, I’m happy to report that the very next morning after the incident I got a call from CMPD Officer Taylor. He recorded my side of the story and was sincere in his questioning of what can be done to offer better safety for cyclists. His tone was almost apologetic – I was a little thrown by it, although extremely grateful. A lot of times there is so much anger in the debate of a cyclists rights to the road that sometimes you feel like an Officer is just putting up with you; rolling their eyes at you on the inside. Officer Taylor was not like that at all. I ended my part of the conversation with, “It’s just a shame this taxi driver is going to get away with hurting someone like that.”

“Actually he’s not,” said the Officer. My ears perked up and a drop of happy hit my heart. Turned out there was a passenger in the taxi. The happy flooded my heart. She heard the bang on the side of the car and when she turned around, had seen Steve crashing. She questioned the driver about it, but he did not speak English. She willed him to turn around and when he didn’t, she called 911. That woman deserves a huge collective hug from the cycling community. I hope she realizes the importance of what she did and I hope Karma returns the favor for her.

As for Steve, in all the chaos the other day, I didn’t even catch his last name. I would love to check on him and see how he’s healing. So, if anyone sees a guy out there in a Hammer Gel jersey riding a Colnago Dream, please tell him Jodi’s looking for him.

Be safe, friends.

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