Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Poor Davie Zee

David Zabriskie’s Salt Lake City home was burglarized while he was busy placing second in the Amgen Tour of California last week. The Garmin/Slipstream rider lost of lot of irreplaceable items including Olympic and Giro d’Italia memorabilia. What bothers me the most (aside from the thieving humans) is that there’s been no major news coverage of the break in. I mean, for crying out loud, Lance loses ONE bike and it’s in the headlines all over the world. David loses just about everything and the only coverage seems to be on cycling websites. Here’s a list of what was stolen, according to VeloNews:

• Black 2008 Subaru Outback, Utah plate A189NC
• Black 2006 Toyota Scion, Utah plate 094VWM
• Giro D Italia Race Medal (approx. 6" circumference)
• Olympic Seiko watch
• Beijing Olympic ring (silver) with initials "DZ" engraved
• Olympic Time Trial Bike, plus 12 other bikes
• Cervelo (black/red) bike frame - team issued
• Tag Heuer watch
• Bose Speaker/Receiver System
• Sony 52" flat screen TV
• Two Mac Books and one Mac desktop, plus hard drive
• A pair of Space legs, a recovery compression system for legs
• 7 Marvel sideshow statues

The items that CAN be valued reach over $150,000 not including the 2 vehicles. But, let’s face it: the Giro Medal, Olympic TT bike and Olympic ring are not replaceable and no price can be assigned to them. There’s only one way to get those things - work your ass off your whole life and win them for yourself. Or, I guess, you could just steal them.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Tips for Cash line at (801) 799-INFO (4636). Please reference case #09-32767. You can also email the Salt Lake City Police Department at

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