Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Race Upcoming...50 on the Trails

All year I've been looking forward to the River's Edge Mountain Bike Marathon that's coming up this Saturday. And I guess I still am, but taking a week and a half off the bike right before the race for some well-earned beach vacation time, may have affected me more than I realized it would.

The Crystal Coast in the Southern Outer Banks (SOBX) of North Carolina is a beautiful place. I left the bike at home as a sign to my family that this trip was really all about them. I figured while on vacation, I could run on the beach to aid in keeping my fitness. Well, I got a little too excited and overdid it the first day (I sense a pattern with me - no restraint). The rest of the week was spent limping around with very sore legs and joints - bad move.
Now, back on the bike this week, I feel very weak. Like there's no power left although there's gas in the tank. I took a good spill last night on the trails and had a rather sensitve area come into contact with the stem at a pretty high rate of speed - one of those things where you just grit your teeth and lean against a tree for support until you can breath again. It's a common false assumption that women are less prone to pain in that area than men. Don't argue with me. It's not a debate. Anyway, the bruise is quite impressive this morning.

So, 50 mile bike race in 3 days and I can't even finish one 12 mile lap without crashing...yay, this is gonna be fun.

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