Friday, January 15, 2010

Missing You Now

From a forum friend of mine, GlennK, responding to my inquiry about how cancer has affected your life:

"Great-grandmother died of colon cancer at the age of 56 (never knew her)
Grandmother died of lung cancer at the age of 64 (I was 13)
Mother died of kidney cancer that spread across her entire body and was dead within 86 days. For my birthday present (which was four days away), I sat by her bed asking and crying for her to let go. She did and the pain was over....

I have never shared this with anyone:

Missing you now....
Your gentile voice...Your loving nature...
Patience and comfort...
Respect and understanding...
I can still hear you now
From within my soul guiding me now
Protecting me from those whom would hurt me
Helping me to understand how to respect and love myself
You always tried to help me see the best in myself
Even though it was impossible for you to do yourself
You tried your best and for that, I will always love you

Now that I see you here
gasping your last breaths
wishing I could do something to ease your pain
all i can do is let you move on
knowing, I will miss you...

One day, I will see you again
I know you are waiting
When that day will be, I don't know
But know this, I love you so

So, if I begin to forget you
Please forgive me now
I don't mean to, its just you just seem so far
oh, how I am missing you now... "

Thank you Glenn for that beautiful poem.

You can help fight Cancer...

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