Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I’m officially overweight. My Body Mass Index is technically in the “Overweight” category for the first time in my life. I’m not really sure how it happened… well, I have an idea on how it happened…I’m just surprised my weight shot up so quickly. But, I’m glad it happened.

Glad? says you. Yes, glad, says I.

It’s a serious reminder that I am not one of those women who is perpetually thin no matter what I do. I’ve been athletic my entire life, and still am, so weight has never been a high priority issue for me. In fact, up until last year, I stayed within 15 pounds of my high school weight. But, I’m coming up on my 35th birthday this May, and my metabolism has become about as efficient as driving a dump truck with the emergency brake on. Unfortunately, I only noticed this after a doctor’s appointment a few weeks ago. I went in for a sinus infection and came out demoralized by the reading on the scale.

I don’t want to give the impression that I’m obsessed with my weight and the scale, per se. I’m not. I never have been. I am, however, obsessed with my overall health (always have been); weight being only a small part of the equation. Heart disease runs rampant in my birthmother’s family and my birthfathers side has a whole other host of problems, so I have taken the time to educate myself on health and fitness and nutrition. What I realize today, though, is that I need to take what I know and change my thinking about it.

My entire athletic life has been sporadic exercise. That’s what I’m used to. On season. Off season. 4 months hard. 1 month off. It’s worked for nearly 35 years.

But, I can’t do that anymore. My body won’t let me. I need to re-train myself after all this time. I need to get more consistent about my exercise. I train to race my bike and that helps to keep me motivated. But the days of going out on the bike and hammering 18 hours a week for four months only to burn out in May have got to end. I can’t allow myself to burn out. But this is going to be a hard transition. All out is all I know. So the question is: do I have enough discipline to hold myself back? And the answer is no.

So, I’ve hired a coach. And we have discussed at length all that I’ve written here. And it will be up to her to design a program I can stick to. She says she can do it and I’m on board. I agreed to do everything she asks – no more, no less.

We’ve been at it for nearly 4 weeks. It’s a lot different than anything I’ve ever done. So far, I’m feeling really good. I’ve lost some weight and I’m not feeling overwhelmed. I have time for my family and I’m not drained of energy at work, but I still feel like I’m getting good training for the race season. Am I going to come out with guns drawn for the March and April races? No. But then, that’s not the goal is it?

Happy ridin’!

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