Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Alpaca Pack

Looking forward to the Charleston Races next weekend, I figured I’d take a moment to take a look back. Our team has had great success at these races. We will return this year as defending winners of both the I’on Village Smackdown and the SC State Crit Championship.

Flashback to the start line last year and an offer for what is perhaps the strangest Prime prize ever: a 4ft x 4ft Genuine Alpaca fur rug with a unicorn design on it worth $250. Is this serious? Did I just hear that correctly? Yessiree, Bob! First across the line on the first lap gets to take this baby home! As all the racers at the line start chuckling a bit, Hadley turns to Annie and I and proclaims, “I want it!”

The race starts and off goes Hadley at warp speed. “I thought she was kidding,” I yelled to Annie as the pack started chasing after Hadley. Nope! She was serious. She out sprinted one other racer for the rug. Later that racer came over to us, pulled up her jersey to reveal a unicorn tattoo on her shoulder. She had really wanted the rug. Unfortunately, it had a force all its own that would not let Hadley give it up.

Annie ended up taking a Prime as well (a gift certificate which she gave to me for helping out in the race, thanks Annie, those beers were deelish!) that ended up putting her on a solo breakaway that won her the race.
Next weekend the Alpaca Pack, with a few new members, will take to the streets of Charleston for, hopefully, some continued success. One things for sure, though. No matter what, we’re gonna have a good time!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck this weekend! Don't crash :P