Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Little Woman

When I’m on my bike, it doesn’t take much to make me smile. Most of the time I’m so focused on what’s going on around me that I don’t have time. Because in order to survive on a road bike around town, you have expect people to do stupid things. And, believe me, they will.

Unfortunately, car vs. bike isn’t much of a competition and I am constantly surprised at the lengths people will go to let me know they HATE that I’m out there on THEIR road that THEY pay taxes on. I get cursed at, yelled at, honked at, run off the road, turned in front of, spat at…(sigh) and a host of other things daily. So when someone is nice to me out there, it has a very profound affect on me.

Today I was on my way to Copperhead Island just for the hell of it. I came across a little woman in a large brimmed hat who stopped in her tracks when she saw me coming up the road. She stood there and watched me pedal toward her. As I got closer she threw up her arms with her hands signing “O.K.” She yelled, “Good for you! Good for you! Good for you!” with a huge smile beneath her hat. I yelled back at her, “Thank you.” She continued to watch me until I crested the hill. I should have stopped and hugged her. She has no idea how her little cheer made my whole day.

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