Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pahoehoe = Lava, Which Means I’m HOT!

I haven’t ridden my mountain bike in over a year. I haven’t raced it since God knows when. My mountain bike is 10 years old – it’s practically a classic. The wheels don’t match and the rear derailleur has been replaced. The bar ends are 2 different colors and the chainstay is wrapped in rubber with zip ties holding it on. But there is one thing that makes my bike inherently better yours – glow in the dark decals.

Yes, my mountain bike is mostly unimpressive to look at; no where near the caliber of my road bike, but for some reason, I still really love the thing. Since my foray into road cycling started 4 years ago though, my mountain bike has been sorely neglected. Well, that’s all changing this weekend, people. The silver bullet is back! The ole Kona Pahoehoe is tuned up (kind of) and ready (I guess) for its racing re-debut (God, help me) as we make our grand comeback (what exactly am I thinking?) at this weekend’s Catawba Riverfront Classic (really, what good could possibly come of this?).

Me and my Pahoehoe are gonna make like lava and scorch this race, baby! (My overconfidence is purely tactical, not deserved.)

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