Wednesday, June 3, 2009

400 Miles Later...

Jim O’Brien wanted me to ride 200-300 miles with my new fit and let him know how I feel. Well, Jim is in Pennsylvania right now helping out with the Pro races up there, but if he were around right now I’d let him know that I’ve seen the light.

Never did I think it was possible to do a 100 mile bike ride and feel nothing but a small soreness in my neck (I mean c’mon, it’s 100 miles – you’re gonna hurt a little). The Saturday after my bike fitting, my buds and I attempted our first 100 miler of the season. I was somewhat scared cuz earlier in the week I had felt weird on the bike, but I’m weak when it comes to peer pressure so I went. The first 20 miles or so I didn’t feel so hot and I began to wonder if I was in for a rough day, but shortly after I had that thought, everything fell right into place and even at the end of the ride, I was still feeling very strong. I felt like I could keep going forever, but I was ravenous and so I went with the plan that took me and my buds to Big Daddy's Burger Bar instead.

The following weekend (my birthday weekend) we decided to do 100 again. I was determined to prove to myself that last week’s breakthrough was not a fluke. On this day, though, the temps were 10 degrees warmer. That wouldn’t have been an issue for me normally, but one of my buds had a crash during the ride and I had used my water to cool her down as we waited for her boyfriend to come pick her up. I ended up a bit dehydrated toward the end of the ride. My head was in a fit of dizziness for the last few miles and when I got off the bike I was unsure if I’d be able to get off the floor to get burgers.

Alas, I made it off the floor and felt a lot better with some fluids and air conditioning. Otherwise though, my body felt fine; very limited soreness if any at all in my back, shoulders and neck. As far as the bike fit goes, I think Jim hit it spot on. The prior week was not a fluke.

So in the 2 weeks since the bike fitting I’ve put about 400 miles on the bike and I can’t wait until Jim returns so I can sing his praises directly to him. I can’t say it enough – go get fitted. Right now.


T Schmidt said...

Where did you get fitted?

Jodi Winterton said...

I went to Jim O'Brien at The Right Gear in Kanapolis. He came highly recommended from many people.