Friday, May 22, 2009

Hello, Glutes. It's Been a While.

So my position on my bike has changed. So what, right? It shouldn’t be that hard to get used to. After all, I’m still pedaling with my legs. It’s not like I’m using my arms. So why do my legs hurt so bad?

Two days ago was my first ride in the new position. It was weird. I was fighting myself. My body was shifting the whole time trying to force itself into the old position. I got worn out quick…although that could have been a result of riding with Christina. Our rides normally go something like this: we start slow, catch up on gossip and life happenings, then I hang on for dear life. She pulls me over the roads of North Carolina and I do what I can not to lose her wheel. Honestly I’m not sure what she gets out of riding with me, but she keeps inviting me along so I’ll keep going.

Anyway, the next morning my legs felt like lead. Clearly, the new position has engaged some muscles I was not using before. Namely, my upper glutes, and the upper outside quads. I’m sure there are clinical names for these muscles, but for now that’s what I’m calling them. I’m also calling them very sore. So sore that 20 minutes into my interval session yesterday, I had to get off the bike. I could not pedal anymore.

I expected to feel a few tweaks in my muscles, but this is way more than I had imagined. I’m not worried about it though. My pedal stroke feels incredible. Making circles is easier than it’s ever been. I love that. My neck was a little sore, but my shoulders were not, so that’s a step in the right direction as well.

I still have a long way to go before completing my 200 – 300 miles to get used to the new position. This is just a very early assessment. Tomorrow, I’m looking at putting a big dent in those miles. Somehow, I’ve been talked into a 100 mile ride. “Somehow.”

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