Friday, July 24, 2009

24 Hours of Booty Prep Time

Well, I'm in the middle of packing up the car, but I wanted to take a quick second for an update before I go put in 300 miles in the name of cancer survivorship.

Once the ride starts, I can expect to burn about 15,000 calories and lose gallons and gallons of fluids from my body over the following 24 hours based on the goals I've set for myself. As such, I've been eating and drinking non stop since I woke up this morning. I don't want a repeat of a few years ago. That year, I called Jill at 7AM, after riding all night in thunderstorms, drenched, disoriented and completely wiped having nearly collapsed when I got off my bike. I sat at the breakfast table with my head down, unable to eat, while Jill made her way to the Booty Loop, around the traffic, broke down my camp, loaded my shit in the car and then helped me into the passenger seat to take me home. That was my worst year at this event.

I have detailed out a plan for reaching 300 miles. I won't write each detail here, but basically it goes like this - get as close to 200 miles done before the sun comes up and the temps hit 90. To do that, I've allowed myself numerous short breaks throughout the night, with a good long break for breakfast; a breakslow, if you will. I will change clothing often. Eat often. Reapply chamois cream very often. I'm happy with my plan of attack and I'm happy to have several friends going for 300 with me. I'm also happy to have discovered Uncrustables, the world's best cycling food, at the Blood, Sweat and Gears ride. I have packed a box of the peanut butter and honey on wheat in my cooler.

The last 100 will be done on a combination of adrenaline and absolute anger at cancer as I listen to stories of loss and pain and surviving from my fellow riders. I hope to be coherent enough during the event to take a few photos and videos. So, for now, I'll say good bye and good night. I'll see you on the better side of 300.

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