Thursday, July 2, 2009

PostSecret Cyclist Hater

According to the website, PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secret anonymously on one side of a postcard. It was started by Frank Warren as an experiment and has grown into a worldwide phenomenon that has turned Mr. Warren into a best-selling author and a highly sought after speaker. I visit the website every week to see which new secrets have been posted. Today I saw this gem:

I had to snicker a little when I read it because, in my experience, when I ride on Sunday’s it always seems to be the people with a Jesus fish sticker on their car that cause the most problems and this secret just confirmed it for me. My most recent incident was only a couple of Sunday’s ago. I almost ended up in the Catawba River after a pick-up truck with a Jesus fish came WAY too close to me on the Wilkinson Boulevard bridge (despite 2 open lanes of traffic without another soul on the road) and sent me swerving into the barrier. I was able to keep the bike upright, but when I experience an incident like this, I tend to think things like, “How about some good will toward men throughout the year and not just on Christmas, asshole.” Then I wonder if they are on their way to church or on their way home from church. And if they are on their way home, exactly what was said at the church service that has made this person so angry at me that they’d like to make an attempt on my life? Or, if they are not going to church at all today, do they even deserve to display their fish?

I’m glad this person submitted their secret for me to see. It makes me feel better about revealing mine: I’m prejudiced against people who display their faith, but don’t practice their faith – especially in considering that one commandment about not killing others.

For crying out loud, find the source of your anger, deal with it and quit taking it out on cyclists – surely you can see the ridiculousness of yourself when a person on a bicycle sparks enough rage within you that you’re ready to kill or seriously injure them. And if you can’t, you may want to take that Jesus fish off your car – cuz you certainly aren’t Christian.

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megan said...

Jodi, I saw that one too and I wanted to send an email about it, but I realized that it would not have done any good. Self righteous religious folks just don't get it.
I guess I should have anyway