Friday, July 10, 2009

1/2 Day Facebook Auction

Today is the last day for fundraising for the 24 Hours of Booty. I’m very close to my goal so I’m going to try and woo you so I can take your money and donate it to the cancer community. Introducing the “HALF DAY FACEBOOK AUCTION!”

My Father suggested I offer up my sweaty Booty socks. I think it’s a GREAT idea, but this is for charity and I feel I should give a little more. So, up for auction is:

- One pair sweaty Booty Socks
- One BRAND NEW "New Belgium Fat Tire Ale" Cycling Jersey (pictured below)
- One pair BRAND NEW "24 Hours of Booty" cycling socks

Go to my Facebook profile page and put your bid in the comments section of my status update. I’ve made it public for today only, so you don’t have to be my friend to see it:

Opening bid is $20. If you’re not in Charlotte, I’ll pay shipping. I’ll close the auction at 8PM tonight!

If you don’t wanna participate in this nonsense, please feel free to visit my personal donation page:

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