Friday, July 17, 2009


They say you’re in the Tour this year, but I have yet to see you do anything thus far but crash. Perhaps more time training to beat Cavendish and less time suing the Tour Organizers would have served you better?

Your team suggested the Tour de France would be much better with you in the race – that Cav wouldn’t have any competition without you there. But you haven’t added a lick of interest and we’re already half-way through. If I didn’t see you’re name on the start list, I wouldn’t even know you’re there. You’re not being shown on TV. You’re not riding anywhere near the front. You’re team hasn’t even attempted a lead out train for you, much less given any effort to disrupt the Columbia-HTC train. Why are you handing the sprint stages to Cavendish?

You’ve been quoted as saying, “All sprinters are having the same problem and that’s 2 words: Mark Cavendish.” But, you’re not even contending the sprints. Farrar and Hushov are there every time, but the best you can muster is 16th? So, be honest with us. You weren’t actually expecting to get into the Tour were you? So you weren’t training for it, right?

Just tell us that’s the case so we can lower our expectations and quit being disappointed.

Okay, Tom. It's time to pull that thing out of your ass and get to sprinting.

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