Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dilworth Races

It’s been a strange racing year. More so than in years past there have been more top quality Pro’s showing up in the Women’s field at the local races. I’m not complaining…much. Cycling is unique in that its pro riders are very accessible. The fact that I can sign up for a local race and end up lining up next to Rebecca Larson, all in all, is pretty darn cool.

The race, however, sucked. It started very fast as these races do, but when the Pro’s show up, the pace stays super high until one of them can breakaway. This usually takes 3 or 4 laps and then the pace slows. Generally if you can just suffer like hell for that long, then you have a decent chance of hanging in with group until the finish. I, however, cannot do that. My body can’t handle that kind of effort right off the bat, even with a good warm up. I ended up in a chase group…going very slow. Frustratingly slow. Perspective: Christina and I averaged a full 1.5 mph faster on our 56 mile ride the morning after the race than my chase group averaged during the race. I was not happy with my Dilworth Race. The event itself was top notch. I only wish my performance could have been more up to par.

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