Monday, May 4, 2009

F*ck Yeah!

USA Cycling Rule 1Q5. ABUSE. (b) states: “No rider or licensee may use foul or abusive language or conduct during a race event.”

The winner of the CAT 2/3 race in Spartanburg last Friday night was relegated by Officials after crossing the line and dropping the f-bomb in excitement. I personally thought the uncharacteristic “Fuck Yeah” was wildly funny and well deserved. After all, he had crashed out of the CAT 3/4 race with 5 laps to go, changed out his broken wheel and with a bloody leg turned around and started the 2-3 race. All of us who have ever wrecked before know how a crash can wreak havoc on you mentally (and as we all know even the best cyclists crash, right Mr. Armstrong?). That he got right back in, I thought, was very brave. And then to win it? Sweet.

Unfortunately, one cyclist did not find the “Fuck Yeah” as funny as I did. He apparently complained to the Officials who then disqualified the Winner from the race. The Winner admitted his mistake to the Officials and apologized. I guess the Officials must have believed he was sincere – they took back the DQ and awarded him Second Place. In that, I feel like both parties acted with tremendous class.

When it comes down to it, a rule is a rule and the Dude broke it. This is the first time I’ve seen the “foul language” rule actually enforced, though. I mean, really, who hasn’t cursed during a race? I hear it all the time. But, what happened, happened. His expletive doesn’t take away from the fact that he crushed that race.

Fuck yeah!

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Stacie said...

This dude does Rock! Whether he's a 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1...He Won the Race!! There are MANY people out there who have Never won a race, but for him - he's won many times!!! And it was this one race that caused a slippage of the F-word (with good circumstance as you stated above), sometimes our imperfections slip out - and that's what make us human, real and actually fun to be around..."It is always easier to notice and criticize other people’s imperfections, circumstances, and mistakes; yet all human beings forget that, at one time or another, our own skeletons were also in the spotlight."

and p.s. - I don't think they will cancel any future venues for this particular circumstance, last time I checked, they aren't canceling the next Olympics because a Player smoked pot...just saying...hahahah!